Our work


High Dental Esthetic

Smile modeling in the anterior sector, using modern techniques as last generation veneers, all-ceramic crowns and gingival remodel.

Only one hour smile transformation.

Beautiful and esthetic results that will not stain throughout time.

This is a painless and fast procedure.




Dentofacial Esthetic Analysis

With the usage of digital medial we determine the possible corrective treatments such as dental positioning, interdental spaces, factures, weathering, pigmentation. Also, it projects treatments such as soft tissue remodeling in voluminous or retracted gums.




Orthodontics and Functional Ortopedia

Bad dental position and facial anomalies correction through techniques that ensure dental alignments, good oral occlusion and facial harmony to the patient.




Oral rehabilitation of anterior or posterior zone

Reconstruction of the missing or lost teeth using different techniques such as implants, fixed or flexible prosthesis, using restauration techniques in high quality veneers.




Teeth Whitening

Clinical procedure in which all of the spots or the surface pigments of the teeth are removed.




Muscle relaxants or muscle functionals treatments

Stress and other dental anomalies carry dental weathering and muscular overload, we have specialize treatments to correct this. Management of the sleep apnea and snoring.




Teeth whitening in just one hour

We are the only clinic in southwestern Colombia featuring Hollywood smile! In just one appointment you can obtaining permanent and lasting results!