Self-ligating brackets

This type of brackets in addition to offering a comfort for the patient, in the initial state of the correction of the malocclusions helps to accelerate this process by decreasing the time of treatment in addition to this taking care of the biological structures of the patient without interfering with their integrity and health during the treatment.



Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic braces offer an additional aesthetics to conventional orthodontic treatment, this type of brackets are offered at Arana Odontología for patients who demand additional aesthetics during their orthodontic treatment.



Metallic brackets

The use of metal brackets (conventional orthodontics) allows the use of elastics of different colors, the metal brackets that are used at Arana Odontología, are of a discreet profile and small size offering comfort during orthodontic treatment.



Veneers 1

28-year-old patient who presented a non-conformity with his smile due to the small size of his teeth, through digital analysis and complementary examinations it was diagnosed a smile design procedure maintaining the integrity of the structures through a minimally invasive dentistry , in the final result it can be observed an harmonic integrity between soft tissues and replaced teeth, contributing to the harmonic relationship of the patient's face.



Veneers 2

45 year old patient who wasn’t satisfied with his smile due to the disharmony of the soft and hard tissues (gum and teeth), for the diagnosis it was used digital tools to determine the different procedures, such as periodontal surgery, change of teeth position without altering the health of the patient through minimally invasive dentistry. The success of the patient's final result can be observed in the 1 month control after performing the procedures, where the harmony in the facial aspects of the patient can be noted after the procedures.



Orthognathic Surgery

30-year-old patient who assisted to the consult looking for an orthodontic re-treatment, in which through complementary examinations the need for orthodontic treatment was diagnosed in conjunction with an orthognathic surgery treatment, thus improving aesthetics and patient function.



Periodontal Surgery

20 year old patient who after successful orthodontic treatment decided to improve the aesthetics of the gum since it show out a lot while smiling, for this reason a digital analysis of the patient's face was carried out with the help of complementary examinations , in order to diagnose the type of procedure that should be performed, in the final photo (one month after surgery), we can observe the final appearance that returned the aesthetics to the patient’s smile.



Orthodontics, surgery and veneers

A 40-year-old patient who attended to the dental practice seeking to improve the aesthetic appearance of his face and smile, through digital analysis and complementary aids was diagnosed the need for orthodontic treatment combined with surgical procedures (bucco-maxillofacial surgery and rhinoplasty) after the ortho-surgical procedure, aesthetic procedures were performed, beginning with the most minimally invasive which was dental lifts, digital analysis of the face and the smile of the patient, to make a smile design by means of dental contact lenses combined with conservative procedures of the dental structures, the immediate final result and 1 month control of the patient denotes the aesthetic and functional recovery of the patient's structures.



Orthodontics Patient 1

17 year old patient who comes to the consultation for orthodontic treatment, by means of complementary aids was diagnosed the correction of the malocclusion of the patient with an orthodontic treatment of maximum 18 months, malocclusion was corrected 14 months after the start of treatment where it can be observed in the final result of the patient, the patient opted to perform dental clearance procedures thus improving their final aesthetics after orthodontic treatment.



Orthodontics Patient 2

25 year old patient who comes to the consultation for orthodontics treatment, after analyzing the complementary aids was diagnosed the need for orthodontic treatment of maximum 16 months of treatment; satisfactory functional and aesthetic results were obtained after the proposed treatment time.



Orthodontics and veneers

A 34-year-old patient who attended to the dental practice seeking an improvement in the aesthetic and functional aspect of his smile and face, through complementary aids and digital design of the procedures, was diagnosed the need for orthodontic treatment before treatment. aesthetic of the patient, in the initial appearance of the patient disharmony of the patient's face and smile is observed, after the orthodontic treatment it is observed that the dental structures are in the most appropriate aesthetic positions but there is still a need for dental aesthetic treatments, With the mock-up or test dive prior to the smile design, the patient can be shown live the possible final appearance after making the smile design. In the control after one month of the dental contact lenses or dental veneers the recovery of the aesthetic and functional aspects of the patient is observed.




Restorative procedure by means of a unitary crown, in the initial aspect the state of the dental structure can be observed after canal treatment and reconstruction of the dental structure with a support inside the root (metallic nucleus), in the photo of the result At the end you can observe the natural aspect and the recovery of aesthetics and function after the restorative procedure.



Digital Smile Design (DsD)

Tool used to assess the final results that can be achieved even before starting with them, which allows patients to see how the treatment will remain once it is made and decide together with the dentist which is the most appropriate treatment plan for each clinical case, reaching an aesthetic function of the patient, this being the true objective of dental science.



Facial harmonization and digital analysis

Through different procedures such as: application of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, bichectomy and support strands, a harmonious relationship between facial features and their structures is sought, as well as their interrelation with (lips, teeth, smile, gums and teeth). other structures). By means of studies and individualized protocols according to the requirements of each patient according to their age, gender, ethnicity and other important characteristics, thus generating an individualized treatment plan.



Lingual orthodontics

This treatment is offered at Arana Odontología for patients who want to perform an invisible orthodontics with visible results, the brackets used for this technique are personalized, made for each patient, for this reason they protect the biological structures and offer a comfort for the patient.