About Us



We are a dentistry service provider institution in all of its specialties, with more than 20 years of experience. We perform dental treatments of the highest quality, dental lab processes, investigation, training and education, as well as advice in quality systems for business related to ours, aiming to improve dental and oral health, and generating a positive impact in society.





To be the leader dental clinic in the region, with the highest quality standards, technology and the best specialist that reunite the top requirements of professionalism and excellence, therefore, satisfying the demands of our patients and go beyond their expectations. Aiming and wishing to establish a lasting relation with every patient based in a personalize treatment, oriented to detail by providing our experience to their service.




Quality policies

Arana Odontología , is committed to provide a professional service with dedication and kindness, performing an optimal handling of materials, techniques and equipment, complementing with the technology advances and allowing the accessibility to our users and guarantying the continuous improvement of our company.




Quality Objectives

Continuous training and motivation to our personal, aiming to the achievement of the work quality and services, as well as creating a sense of belonging in them and generating a constant interest and awareness from the personal about the importance of effective and efficient work.

Satisfying the requirements establish by the client through the fulfillment of their expectations, with an accessible, appropriate and kind service.

Keep updated the materials, techniques and equipment, as well as the process and infrastructure, so that it contributes to the performance of the service and accomplishing the correct and adequate use of the resources.

Keeping and adequate quality management system, focus to the client’s needs and the continuous improvement.





Is the quality of telling the truth. Comply with the agreements and compromises in all areas.

Comply with the agreements before o during the time established as a sign of respect towards our clients.

Having and affectionate, cordial and delicate attitude towards the others.

Team work
We are a group of solidary people among others, with sense of belonging and committed to a common goal.

Being prepared to satisfy the users expectations of our company, generating a mutual confident and tranquility space.